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    Engaging e-learning platform that builds financial
    knowledge and instills sensible attitude toward money
    Learn to earn, spend, save, invest and give money
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    Results in the Schools
    Loved by over 40K students - they loved it so much that
    20% of the time was spent after hours

    Increase learning - average of 17 points of improvement
    after only 3 week

Our Benefits

Engaging e-learning platform that builds financial knowledge and instills sensible attitude toward money

Learning Outcome

Game-based learning makes it fun and engaging for students and improves learning outcome.

Curriculum Requirements

Based on national standards in Personal Financial Education created by Jump$tart Coalition and Texas standards set by Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Instruction Style

Hands-off solution that supports multiple instructions styles. Can be used in classrooms, computer labs, libraries and after school programs.

Saves Time for

Easy to implement in classrooms. Comes with lesson plans and integrated assessment tools so teachers can get started quickly.

Bring Financial Education to Your School


Quick Overview

Clay Piggy is an experiential, engaging learning platform for elementary school students.

Through active and ongoing learning children garner the knowledge, gain awareness of money matters and develop a sensible attitude toward money.

  • Project based interaction
  • Embedded assessment tools
  • Built-in mastery before advancement
  • Aligns with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Jump$tart standards
  • Encourages critical thinking, independent judgment and personal responsibility
  • Practices math fluency

Our Biggest Advocates - Educators & Children

  • Ms. Levy-David Principal
  • Ms. Holland Principal
  • Ms. Osei Math Instructional Coach
  • Ms. Lasley 4th Grade
  • Ms. Alagar Math Instructional Coach

  • It is a fabulous program that teaches students not only TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), but important life concepts about managing money. The students love that it's so life-like in nature. Parents have also commented on the knowledge their children are gaining from the program.

    Ms. Hale 3rd Grade
  • I did enjoy the kids asking real world questions. I think it was beneficial that they needed to learn important terms such as checking, savings, taxes and they complained how much went to taxes and medical. I even tied it in to the Revolutionary War and the Boston Tea Party.

    Ms. Bealke 5th Grade
  • Clay Piggy keeps the students' engaged and excited about learning.

    Ms. Ritter 9th Grade
  • The thing I liked most about Clay Piggy is that it's fun, yet it's teaching you something

    Gabriel S. 5th Grade Student



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